UNF Tech Bootcamps Are Going Remote

By: Huntly Mayo-Malasky, Director of University Programs at Fullstack Academy
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On March 4, we made the decision to move all in-person Bootcamp class sessions to remote (synchronous live-online) instruction in response to the growing coronavirus pandemic. We want to explain why we took those precautions, why we’re excited about remote instruction, and finally, our plan for returning to normal operations.

The magic of tech bootcamps is the intimacy of closely working together, pairing together, and going through an intense communal experience. Thanks to recent improvements in technology, we’ve seen this happen in live-online environments, as well as in-person classes. We know how excited students are to join our bootcamp and how much effort, energy, and time they devote to their studies with us. We are committed to making sure that the trust and energy students put into their education with us will be met with equal intensity to see their success.

Going Remote

Fullstack Academy, UNF’s Tech Bootcamp partner, first launched a fully live remote program in 2016 when video-conferencing technology became significantly faster and easier to use with the launch of Zoom. We’ve invested in making our proprietary learning management system support real-time interaction, and our programs already use other collaboration tools like Slack and Asana. Our curricula, learning exercises, group projects, and other activities have all been designed to accommodate remote learning, which has translated to minimal disruption to normal classroom activities during this remote transition period. Additionally, the tools we use allow you to ask questions directly and share your code in real-time. Our instructors are able to see your code and work with it to guide you through any difficult points.

Returning to Normal Operations

It’s too early to tell right now how COVID-19 will impact our community—we are still on the upward trajectory of awareness and transmission. We will continue to work with university leadership and follow their guidance on resuming normal campus operations and bringing students and employees back to campus.

We also want to minimize friction for students who are concerned about being sick or need to self-quarantine. Any students who have been accepted or are currently enrolled and become sick or are asked by local health authorities to self-isolate can transfer to a future cohort at no cost if they wish. If there are other situations related to COVID-19, please contact your Program Director—we don’t want decisions about your education to interfere with your health.

For other updates on UNF's protocol during this time, visit unf.edu/coronavirus.